On the Fourth Day of Western Loudoun Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Appalachian Outdoor Readiness Water Microfilter
Appalachian Outdoor Readiness Water Microfilter

…Four Outdoor Survival Kits! (See the History for the Rest of the Song!)

Are you the type that likes to hike the nearby Appalachian Trail, or  “rough it in the wilderness” that is Sky Meadows or Skyline Drive, then you need to visit Appalachian Outdoor Readiness and Survival. Find all the things you need to purify water, cook food and camp safely!

About Appalachian Outdoor Readiness

On November 2013 Chuck and Cindy Izzo, both Army veterans, decided to take their passion for the outdoors and emergency readiness to the marketplace and Appalachian Outdoor Readiness & Essentials was born! It’s an outdoor equipment, apparel and wellness store with a unique added focus. While some stores focus only on selling outdoor products, Appalachian Outdoor Readiness & Essentials adds the emergency readiness and disaster preparedness factor to the mix. Solutions for water purification, food storage, first aid, backup power, self-reliance and independence in the face of emergencies are provided as they go hand in hand with camping, hiking and outdoor life. Campers and hikers are some of the most independent and self-reliant folks in the world so why not bring those qualities to the general public and better yet, teach them how to leverage the equipment for dual purpose? Cindy likes to think of their store as the “yin & yang of outdoor survival and disaster preparedness” because Chuck’s side deals with being prepared in the physical sense while Cindy’s side takes care of preparedness in terms of health and wellness.

Appalachian Outdoor Readiness and Survival
198 N 21st Street, Suite B (Behind Magnolias)
Purcellville, VA 20132

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