Creeks Edge Winery

Creeks Edge Winery

Its a cold Saturday and I am traveling the backroads of Lovettsville heading to a listing appointment looking to kill a few minutes, so I stop into another of Western Loudoun’s great vineyards, Creeks Edge Winery. I sit down at a beautiful natural wood table and order their Valentine’s Day special and drink in the ambiance of the place. There are quite a few couples milling about, and for a moment I wished that I was here with my wife, because the place is so romantic.

Creeks Edge Winery Fireplace
Fireplace at Creeks Edge Winery

For a place that opened in the Spring of 2014, it is impressive how many people have started following this vineyard and their offerings of Merlots, Vidal Blancs,  and Chardonnays. The crowd turning out on this cold Saturday speaks volumes to how popular this place is becoming. I imagine that they have quite a few events booked where many of the couples I saw will be celebrating another “special day”.

Bar at Creeks Edge Winery
Bar at Creeks Edge Winery

In addition to offering a wide variety of wine, they have a light menu provided by Market Table Bistro, and live entertainment most weekends. I would imagine that on a warm weekend, sitting out on their balcony enjoying a nice glass of Pinot Gris or a glass of sangria (which I had here in the fall) would be pretty nice.

Vines at Creeks Edge Winery
Vines at Creeks Edge Winery

Creeks Edge is located in downtown Taylorstown,  just around the corner from Lovettsville and offers a nice alternative to some of the large vineyards that are in Loudoun (but equally good).

Creeks Edge Winery (Yelp)
41255 Annas Lane
Lovettsville, Virginia 20180
[email protected]


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